Using Auto Align 2 with Studio One - not being able to edit the Aligned waveform

Hi Everyone,
Auto-Align 2 is awesome! It saves so much time.
My problem comes when I’m wanting to edit the waveforms that have already been processed by Auto-Align. Before I click Auto-Align, I’m always able to select the waveform/s and hit Studio One’s bottom right hand bar to edit the waveform. But after selecting the waveforms. then option-dragging Auto-Align from the Browser to the waveforms, then clicking Auto-Align, whenever I want to edit those waveforms, the Auto-Align box comes up instead of the close up of the waveform. (I hope that’s clear). I tried looking at your manual but I couldn’t find or see the path to getting directly to the waveform after Auto-Align has been option dragged to it. As of right now I’ve decided to use Auto-Align after I’ve edited the waveforms to the best of my ability. Otherwise, it’s a mystery. Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks very much for your work!

Hi Michael.

I’ve had a similiar issue with clip x-fades not working with auto align inserted. My workaround is to use the render option in the track inspector window. Make this visible with the ‘i’ icon in the upper left corner of S1.
If you’d like to keep Auto Align as a live event FX you can restore when youre finished editing.
If there’s another method I’d love to know!


Hi Lou! Thanks for writing!
Yeah looks like they either missed a few scenarios in which we’d run into problems… or we’re just not looking in the right places for the right information. (Or we’re doing their quality control! All of the above probably :slight_smile:
I found the i thing in the top right and found the Render button. Does that embed the Auto-Align changes into the waveform? I do see that you can get to the waveform after it’s been rendered - and then make my changes. Does that automatically erase the Auto Align? If so, maybe that’s ok. I would have hoped that we could edit the waveform/s while the Auto Align was on. In some cases, it makes for quite a difference in EQing… and volume/mixing in general, you know? Love what it does, but…
One way I just found out was to select the waveform/s in the track and hit the g key to group the waveforms together. That seems to get rid of the Auto-Align… and get to the waveform.
I just tried out the Render button and after the waveform has been Rendered, the button says Restore. Does that mean that it erases any of the changes we made to the waveform? I noticed that it creates some extra files after that. More questions than answers!