Using Auto Align 2 (not Post) in Premiere


I’m trying to use Auto Align 2 (latest version) in Premiere Pro (also latest version). Although the audio is showing in the plugin window, it is not passing to the plugin, which says it can’t hear any audio when trying to align. I’ve tried both VST3 and AU versions.

I know that AA Post is more designed for Premiere, but it’s way overkill for my needs, so wondered if I’m missing something? It would be a massive timesaver if it could work inside Premiere, as at the moment I’m having to export audio, import to Pro Tools, align, then back out to Premiere, which is a real pain.

Would really appreciate some insight.

Many thanks,


Hi Steve,
Thank you for reaching out!

How do you insert the AA2? on the mixer track?

We’ll be looking into this.

Yep, on the mixer track. The audio waveform is very clearly present on each track, but the plugin engine somehow isn’t ‘hearing’ it. Thanks for the quick reply. If you can fix this, it will save me hours! I will upgrade to Post as and when that becomes necessary, as it seems like a great workflow, but I’m literally just editing stuff with static mics, except with a video component too, so if I could use it as I do in Pro Tools etc it would be so helpful.

Thank you for the report. We’ve reproduced this in-house and logged it.

We’ll update once we have more informaiton.

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