Auto Align Post 2 - doesnt do anything except creating a new audiofile

hey there,

so far aap2 worked without any issues for me but today it doesn’t do anything to the audioclips that I try to align.
it just creates a new audiofile (in audio files folder of my project) and thats it.
the phases or the wave-offset star the same.
so I restarted protools (ultimate 2023.6) on my classic mp 5.1 running osx Monterey, having AAP2 2.1.0 installed. no changes. reboot Mac - no changes. installed the latest aap2 version 2.1.1 and latest pt version 2023.9- no changes. and yes “use in playlist” in the plugin window is enabled.
I have no clue how to solve it so I appreciate any help. thanks, johannes

Hi @this_is_pop,

Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear about this issue.

If you have duplicate tracks in your session, they might “confuse” Auto-Align Post - it might receive the wrong information in the reference track. If the duplicate track is empty, this might explain what you’re seeing.

To solve this, move the two tracks you’re working with to the top of the session.

Also, please make sure none of the tracks in the session are in ‘playlist’ view. Set all the tracks to ‘Waveform’.

If you still have any issues, please send us a message to [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.




thanks for your fast reply, oran!
that totally makes sense. I had a adr-playlist open so that cause the trouble.
all the best, johannes

Great to hear, Johannes.
Glad I could help.

Have a nice weekend,


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