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Have a new radical idea and think we should build it? Wish we could add a gizmotron to make our product just perfect for you? Spill the beans here. Be careful what you wish for, we may just make it!

32 Lives

What ever was dead is alive again! Here you're encouraged to play the messiah and resurrect your loved ones back to life! (Plug-ins that is. For zombies, you may want to check this out)


Phase+Time: Discuss your Auto-Align voyages and share your tips to a great sound no human has achieved before.


Everything you wanted to know about sound waves surfing and didn't dare ask.


We know. Your life has never been the same since Muteømatic. Your clients suddenly love you and you no longer feel stupid after giving the speech of your life only to realize that your talent thought you were practicing your pantomime skills.

Drum Leveler

Drummers and mixers unite, time to get that track moovin'! No sweat is required.

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All the latest and greatest hots direct from the cat's mouse or horse's mouth, your perspective may vary.

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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


It's goes around, it's tasty and it can make your mix gain lots of fat. Share your Pi recipes and stories here!

Radical Food Recipes

No creator should make noise on an empty stomach. Let us know what floats your sessions!