Auto-Align Post 2.1.1 Public Beta (PT Apple Silicon)

We have a public beta of upcoming 2.1.1 maintainance release.
Let us know if you encounter any issues as we plan to release the final 2.1.1 soon.

Changes and Fixes:

  • Native Apple silicon support for AudioSuite.
  • Compatible with latest PT2023.3 changes.
  • Fix REAPER not detecting changes in ARA.

Auto-Align Post 2.1.1 Public Beta for macOS

Auto-Align Post 2.1.1 Public Beta for Windows

Thank you!


Awesome! I can’t wait to try it out. The final piece in the puzzle for switching to Native Silicon for me :slight_smile:


same here!

I just did some tests comparing AA’d clips done with AAP2 v2.1 in Rosetta to AAP2 v2.1.1 in PT 2023.3.0 running native in Ventura 13.3.1.

The 2.1 & 2.11 AA’d clips totally cancel out when flipping phase.
The Static & Polarity functionality is back to being selectable.

Thanks for working to get this done quickly!

I’ll let you know if I run into any issues.


Seems working quite ok! Thank you so much for this.

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Is there an AU version? I didn’t see one in the installer.

I agree with Marco, been using it steadily on a film for the past two days and have had zero issues, in both static and dynamic mode. Stamp of approval from me! :slight_smile:


A W E S O M E !! :trophy: :fire: :1st_place_medal: :pray:

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Awesome. No more opening in Rosetta for me now. I can live without my Exponential Audio plugins but not without Auto Align Post - I’ve had to close and open PT in Rosetta about a hundred times the past few months, no more of that is a great thing. Thanks


Does this beta version work with Premiere Pro running in Apple Silicon Native mode? I am able to install and open the extension window, but it won’t let me select a reference track or render anything. In the reference track box it says “No audio tracks available.”

Screen Shot 2023-05-16 at 6.57.49 PM

Quick follow-up — this behavior is happening while running in Rosetta mode as well. Any ideas?

System: M1 Studio Ultra 64GB (MacOS 12.5.1), Premiere Pro 23.2.

Hi @eric4,

Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear about this issue.

Auto-Align Post 2.1.1 is compatible with Premiere Pro on Apple silicon natively and under Rosetta.

Can you please confirm you have an audio track in your project that can be used as the reference track?
If you do and it’s not showing in AAP’s reference drop-down menu, it would be great if could send a snippet from your project to [email protected]. we’d be happy to look into it.



Just a follow up, Auto-Align Post 2.1.1 final release is now available.


Is any one else getting UPDATA AVAILABLE! CLICK TO DOWNLOAD even if they have the latest version installed?

Hi @dario.ramaglia ,
Thank you for letting us know, this is greatly appreciated!
I’m really sorry about the noise.
It seems we had an issue on our server side. I’ve resolved it.

let me know if it resolved it for you.

Not a problem at all, I just wanted to be helpful :wink:
I just restarted ProTools and it seems to be resolved!

Thanks you so much and have a nice day!