Auto-Align Post 2 with ProTools 2023.3.0 on Mac Ventura

I recently, perhaps foolishly, updated my M1 Mac to Ventura. Auto-Align Post 2 disappeared from my ProTools 2023.3.0. I have downloaded and re-installed the latest AA Post 2 successfully and restarted the M1 Mac. but it is plug-in is still missing.

Am I missing something? I thought I saw a page on the Sound Radix site that said Auto-align Post 2.1 is compatible with Ventura.

It has nothing to do with Ventura. It’s ProTools running by default in M1 Native.

AAP 2.1 is not yet M1 native compatible for AAX. Change ProTools to run under Rosetta (Get info / check the checkbox) and it will be there.

Are you running Protools in Rosetta mode? 2023.3 defaults to running natively and there is a change in the native AAX code that causes a problem with Auto Align Post. I’ve used AAP with PT 2023.3 in Rosetta on my Mac Studio, but I’m running Monterey FWIW.