Auto-Align Post 2.0.3 Public Beta (including Adobe's Premiere Pro)

Hi all,
We’re happy to provide you with our latest Auto-Align Post public beta.

Auto Align Post 2.0.3 changes:

New Features:

  • New! Adobe Premiere Extension Plugin.
  • Native Apple Silicon for VST3-ARA

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Extended delay time in static mode.
  • Improved spectral phase.
  • Various bugfixes.

We’re looking forward for your feedback.


macOS: Auto-Align Post 2.0.3 (ARA/AAX) Beta for macOS

Windows: Auto-Align Post 2.0.3 (ARA/AAX) Beta for Windows

For Adobe Premiere: -

macOS: [Auto-Align Post 2.0.3 (Adobe Premiere) Beta for macOS

Windows: [Auto-Align Post 2.0.3 (Adobe Premiere) Beta for Windows]

Please use newer betas or final release. Thank you!

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Wow, that sounds amazing!
I’ll check it out later today and report back with anything I find.


Ahh, by the way, if I want to test both ARA and Adobe Premiere, can I install both versions simultaneously?

Any owner of Auto-Align Post 2 license can use ARA, AudioSuite or CEP (Adobe Premiere).


So after playing around with v2.0.3 for the last 24 hours on both Mac (M1) and my HP Z8 PC, I can say that it feels like you put it on steroids, this version is super fast to open, and its process time is much smaller compared to the one before. Amazing!
Testing the VST3 version with Nuendo 12.0.40

About the Adobe Premiere Pro new component, I don’t really understand how to apply it on audio events in my Premiere project, even though I do see that it’s there on my PC workstation.

On my Mac M1 I couldn’t even install it. I constantly get an error message:

Do you have Adobe Premiere installed on your Mac?

We have a known issue (still a beta :slight_smile: ) where install would fail if no Adobe Premiere installed.

no idea why but been receiving this thru email

i dont use auto align at all
and nver bothered joining the forum…

For some reason i’ve been getting this thread fo 2 days

Something server side is getting weird

Hi Marco, are you sure that you never joined the forum?
Clicking on your profile it seems like you did make the following post: Pitch-tracking FX ?

Of course, Premiere Pro 22

I’m really interested in using auto-align for premiere and downloaded the trial beta version but it seems in this version it you set the reference track but auto align converts and replaces the rest of your non reference tracks?

Seems to be doing a great job at aligning all the audio tracks and correcting for phase but i’d like to maintain my original audio tracks in the timeline if possible?

I have a test clip in there (macbook pro speaker but can post a test clip if needed)


Hi @nickmidwig ,
Thanks for the great (and detailed!) feedback.

I’ve logged your feature request.

More details,
After watching the entire video it’s worth explaining some of the process:

  • Auto-Align Post needs to re-create files as the alignment isn’t just ‘nudging’ around clips. we actually apply timing and phase corrections.
  • Converting is needed as sometimes the imported audio comes from embedded files where we need to first extract the audio itself.

Is there any advantage to keeping the original audio tracks alongside the aligned imported ones?

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Hey Tal,

Really appreciate you taking the time to watch the video. I’ve made another video below that goes more in depth with what I would be looking for out of auto-align in premiere as well as a before/after of a processed clip.

I realize I’m doing something a little out of the norm but I’m working on a project now where there are several Lav mics that have internal recording capabilites, as well as an oncamera shotgun mic. All are in timecode sync, but after syncing the “dallies” there’s a noticeable amount of phasing/echo from all the mics for a variety of different reasons.

I’d love the ability to process clips of my choosing in premiere to help these dallies become much more “listen-able” to work with in the edit, but was hoping to do the least destructive process but being able to keep the original audio files attached to the clip (if that is an option). Maybe some version that could only match waveforms by moving the clips and not doing any timing or phase correction?


Hey Nick,
Thank you for taking the time to communicate your issues better.

I’ll separate those into multiple points:

  • The false Done indicator. - this seems like a bug. exactly one of those things we’d like to resolve before considering Adobe Premiere support non-beta.

  • Gain changes - again, sounds like a bug. Auto-Align Post shouldn’t change gain.

  • Pro Tools: Notice you’re doing multi-input mode. I suspect you’re intending to use the mono-input mode to apply best alignment for each lav and the boom.

In addition, we’ll try and contact you using DM to further tackle the issues you’re seeing.

In my workflow in Audio Post, I always keep a copy of a clip that I do any processing on. It gives the ability to back track if needed for myself of the mixers. I would think that working in the picture post end of things it would be beneficial to have the original there as well since a lot of times I’ll get audio omf/aaf that references files that have been changed and that no longer reference the sound dailies that we are given for our audio post work.

Would this be a good beta to install if I’m not using AAP 2 in a VST3/ARA environment? I’m working in Pro Tools on some series work. Does it bring any benefit in speed or processing or accuracy overall to the AAX version? Thanks…

Hi @sounddesignpro . short answer yes :slight_smile:
No speed benefit but as we’ve stated, it has some improved algorithm which improves some situations.

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Having used AAP for the last 2 years twice a week, and being very pleased, I feel 2.0.3 is not ready for release yet.
Im getting too many clips being over 1 second off. 1 out of 15.
Phase is not corrected in many clips.
My use is lining up the boom to lav on talking heads interviews.
settings are individual/slip by clip, all fades deleted.
Went back to 2.0.2, and started over with no issues.

MAC OS 10.15.7
PT Ultimate 2022.7
Mac mini 2018

Hi @patrick ,
Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

This feedback is really valuable especially with betas.

@Oran from our QA will try to reach you to diagnose this better.

Have a great weekend!