Auto-Align Post 2.0.3 Public Beta2 (AAX/VST3/Adobe Premiere)

Hey AAP users,
Took us some time to squash and adjust more parts but here is our second public beta for AAP 2.0.3.

Changes since 2.0.2

  • Adobe Premiere Extension Plug-In.
  • Native Apple Silicon Support.
  • Improved spectral phase.
  • Various bugfixes.

Changes since 2.0.3 Public Beta 1

  • Installer now includes all-formats and is customizable.
  • Adobe Premiere Extension Bugfixes.
  • Reverted Extended Delay Time in Static Mode.

Known issue(s):

  • macOS: Installer background is wrong in dark-mode. please use sunglasses during installation. :sunglasses:

And… happy holidays from all of us at Sound Radix.

– Downloads –

macOS 2.0.3 Public Beta 2 (beta7)

Windows 2.0.3 Public Beta 2 (beta7)

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Thanks for the update. I’ll install it on both my PC and Mac rigs as soon as have some free time;)

I had a hard time reading the installer when my mac was in dark mode. Looked like this.
Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 1.55.29 AM

Hi @ jwalkerpostaudio,

Thanks for your message!
This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next Auto-Align Post 2 update.
If you have any other issues or requests, let us know.



Hey guys,
trying to describe a problem I had using AA Post with ARA in Nuendo 12… (Rosetta and the native beta)

What I did was:

  1. select a part of a couple of mics
  2. apply ARA extension of AA to those clips
  3. they align perfectly as expected… then I would imidiately conform those…

I would then continue to the next part and so on and so on. But somehow there is a point where AA post doesn’t open anymore when applying the ARA extension… double clicking doesn’t work, there is no way to align new parts… other ARA extensions work fine however…

I would then close Nuendo and open the session again, and it is working again…

Sorry for the weird explanation. But it happens quite a lot, for an odd bug…

Have you guys experienced the same?

Hi @skipbeats,

Thanks for your message and sorry to hear about this issue.
I haven’t encountered this myself.
Are you using the latest Auto-Align Post 2.1 that’s available in your personal User Area?

It would be great if you could send us your session with steps to reproduce.
We’d be happy to take a close look.


AAP 2.0.3 Public Beta2 installer doesn’t seem to be installing the plug-in into the proper plug-in folder for Pro Tools. I’ve tried installing twice and it’s not showing up in Pro Tools or in the plug-in folder. I’m eager to use the native Apple Silicon version.

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There is no Apple Silicon version for AAX. It was noted by AAP. Sigh.

I was told that the ProTools update would work with AAPost2 natively.
AAPost2 v2.10 only works in Dynamic/Spectral modes in PT2023.3.0

Pro Tools 2022.12 introduced native Apple silicon support (as public beta).
During our tests, we discovered a breaking issue with some AudioSuite plug-ins using side-chain (when Pro Tools runs natively).
We’ve reported this issue Avid and I’m happy to say it will be fixed in the Pro Tools update.strong text

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Thank you for raising this.
The PT 2023.3 update includes important fixes required for Auto Align Post and Apple silicon support.

We expect to have a public beta with native AAX Apple silicon soon.