Auto-Align 2.1.0 Public Beta 2

Dear Auto-Aligners,
Here is our second public beta for upcoming Auto-Align 2.1.


  • Core algorithm bugfix: Alignment results are now more consistent.
  • Fixed some scenarios with manually set groups giving incorrect results on realignment after switching A/B banks or resetting all alignments.
  • Fixed a case allowing linked tracks to have different settings for enabled/disabled filters.


  • Core algorithm improvements.
  • Edit menu layout.
  • Setting and then restoring a group’s timing mode to the previous one no longer marks the group as invalid.

Known Issues for public beta and spectral / time toggles:

  • Currently spectral toggles are **irreversible ** meaning, make sure to copy and paste to anoher preset bank before any toggle.

  • Always, re-align after changing time or spectral toggle.




and… from all of us at Sound Radix,

Happy holidays!


Great update! I want to say that working with VST3 in ARA on Studio One 6, Mac M1. The CPU is quite high compared to the AU Version or VST3 as an insert. 3% ARA vs 0% INSERT after it aligned the tracks.

I hope it gets fixed. Thanks

Hi @nikolaisavinandreevi ,
Thank you for the report.
ARA is working different than traditional plug-ins so it’s possible they’ll have different performance measurements.

Are you seeing different performance with the released Auto-Align 2 (not the public beta), or is this is something new with the beta?

Happy holidays!

Actually, I just did a test and saw that this problem is going on with the public one as well.
Up until now I was working in 48k projects and the files were recorded at 48k. 0% CPU on either ARA or INSERT.

This happens if the project is at 44k and the imported files are 48k. (VST3, ARA)

I hope it makes sense.

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Hello, I’ve just downloaded the file for MacOS. As I’m new to beta testing, does anybody have suggestions? Or should I simply use the software and report any strange behaviours?

Hi @thetemplerecordingst,

Thanks for your message.

You can simply start using Auto-Align 2. If you find any issues or unexpected behaviors, let us know here or send us an email to [email protected].

Happy Alignment,

I am enjoying the update as well. Seems to be working a lot more smoothly than the last beta. Is there still a way to access Optimal/Minimal? Missing that feature.

If it’s gone, could it be added back to the Time toggle?

iLok is asking for a license for the public beta…

Hi @soundradix1,

Thanks for your message.
Indeed the Beta requires an active license. You can start a 14-day trial by clicking the ‘Try’ button on the iLok activation screen. If you still have any issues, please send us a message to [email protected].



Im using both version for pc and mac and noticed in mac there is no Minimal timing. and the GUI also different from pc version. Is there something that I missed?

Hi @gosoko,
It sounds like you have AA 2.0.1 on the macOS side and the public beta on the Window side.
Please try to re-install.

If you’re still having issues, contact our support and we’d love to sort it out!

I install both public and beta to test it out on mac, the beta version did have A B C D , in GUI but missing minimal timing.

Ahh, sorry for the confusion.
For 2.1 release we’re expected to have only on/off toggles for time.
They’re available once a group is created (automatically by aligning, or by selecting tracks and adding them into a new group).

You can also confirm the exact build number(s) in the about view by clicking the upper top left Auto-Align logo.