So iLok only? (32 Lives)

I just wonder how many people find it a good idea to be driven to installing 3rd party software that has questionable performance, questionable privacy, and, generally, questionable requirement. It does not enable any software possibilities - - it’s not a Direct X for sound or anything, right?

Why software developer’s problem becomes problem for those who pay, not those who crack? i understand software theft, but that user journey is horrible! As if you have to get a free disease if you visit doctor, but you won’t cure the first one if you won’t visit. What the hell? Those who crack continue to do it and have no big troubles - they use the software and that’s it! Those who pay - have to pay with everything or what?

How many people here agree with this? Do you guys think it is a right relations between producers and consumers?

iLok with USB became even funnier with new MacBooks that do not have a regular USB. Like a bad joke.

I agree.I was very cross with SoundRadix for introducing Ilok out of the Blue.They Said Ilok won’t interfere with other software, not what I’ve been hearing in forums…

Hi guys,

Thanks for your feedback and for voicing your concern regarding iLok.

First and foremost, our main reason for moving to iLok was to allow us concentrate on product development rather than copy protection.

You see, our own authorization system is not perfect, and many users asked for offline authorization functionality and the ability to easily carry their licenses on a mobile device as they move between different studios.

Maintaining and supporting this functionality in our own authorization system would take quite a toll on development resources, QA and web integration. Therefore, it was a logical choice to integrate the copy protection by PACE, the most experienced leader in their field and the most widely used, to provide the functionality and support our users have requested.

Furthermore, the amount of CPU resources a plug-in takes is completely up to the developer rather than PACE, and if implemented properly, the additional CPU resources required for iLok are zero.

A USB iLok is NOT required for authorization, and we still provide 3 authorizations with every license. Also, you now can have it on an iLok just in case you’re working in another studio or as a backup.

Hope this clears the water.

Happy holidays!


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