Anybody get Pluggo to work in El Capitan?

It seems the wrapper works fine, but I can’t seem to get anything to load… I am not sure if it’s an authentication error, but nothing passes validation. :frowning:

Any ideas?

11 PM

I tried everything and then some after migrating to an SSD and upgrading to 10.12 Sierra. I copied all the files I could think of, even turned off System Integrity Protection and reinstalled over and over. Though 32 lives reported Pluggo as resurrected, I could never get it to authorize on the new drive… I even contacted Cycling 74 to have my license transferred to an iLok USB dongle that I purchased just for this (the older version of the License Manager won’t run under 10.12). Still it would not authorize and did not load even with the iLok dongle.


On a whim I decided to install the older version for 10.6.8 of the License Manager anyway, and then the Authorize Pluggo app would run! And PLUGGO WORKS! (except for just 4 of them that won’t validate).

Thank you Sound Radix - 32 Lives works wonders - and has saved several more of my favorite legacy plug ins from obsolescence!

PS - I am definitely not upgrading to Mojave any time soon now that I have everything working again in Sierra :slight_smile: