32 lives dont show my 32bits plug ins in Logic 10.4.5

someone have this proble also?
please let me know

Im using OSK 10.13.6 High Sierra

Hi @giorgiolive.
We’ve tested 32 Lives with latest Logic Pro 10.4.5 with success.

I’d suggest contacting our support to get you up and running as quick as possible!

thanks Tal, i have de free upgrade but is asking me for the ilock how can i do i?
i buy 32 lives severa time ago

Hi @giorgiolive,
For the upgrade - as you’ve mentioned it’s a free-update.
Simply log-in to your account and under the user area redeem the 32 Lives V2 auth and deposit it to your iLok account (if you don’t have one already, create one here)

No need for physical iLok device of course (you can transfer the license to your computer).

As I’ve already suggested it’s best to contact us through support to get it solved quickly as possible :slight_smile:

Dear TaL
I try to and im already have and ilock account (using protools and a few other plug ins through) but when 32 lives ask me about my account the said:
Selecct license to activate: you dont have licenses in your account…
the ilock usb is connected
So what i can do?

It seems it is not deposited properly.
This is something beyond the scope of the forum as it includes your personal information.
Please contact our support so we could get you up and running!