32 Lives V2 working with High Sierra Beta?

Hi!, someone with Hign Sierra (10.13) can tell us if 32 Lives V2 works???

Many thx!

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Hi I’ve actually planned to set a small “announcement” here saying we’re qualifying macOS High Sierra for our products. :wink:

We’ve actually tested it from early builds and so far all our products worked pretty much as expected.

  • Of course we cannot fully qualify it or guarantee anything until it’ll be released.

This is a good time to remind the brave souls out there - BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!
(being able to get back to a reliable system is important).


Hey all!
Just a quick follow up.
Official qualification will be of course once we get to a final release.
However our current testing shows no compatibility issues between High Sierra and 32 Lives.

Last build we’ve tested: 17A360a 17A362a
Since our software actually hosts many other very old plug-ins some changes within the OS could break old applications.

If you have any issues please feel free to drop us a line through our support system. crashlogs and the exact plug-ins you’re trying to use would be very helpful!

Keep it Radical.

A quick follow-up,
We’re still testing High Sierra.
While it does seem to work for us with many Audio Unit plug-ins (and VST).
It seems there is a some issue with Audio Unit Components and High Sierra.

We’ve been able to identify an issue (at least with Logic & GarageBand) where some Audio Unit components won’t show up until full restart of your computer.
however, once restarted all plug-ins (including some very old resurrected did show up).

Our current suggestion as of tomorrow (September 25th, High Sierra release date) is to wait a little for things to clear up.

Not working with 32 bit plugins like Antares Auto Tune … or Gross beat VST from windows? Several VST load up without an image and no edit functions.

Can you send the link to the 32 Lives public beta please

I’ve PM’d and updated anyone on this topic.

Since macOS 10.3 (High Sierra) is now released I’m closing this topic.

Any further discussion should be taken to

Thank you.