FXpansion Guru not working in High Sierra nor with 32Lives in LPX

Hi everyone!

I’m a huge Guru-fan, and still think it’s one of the easiest ways to explore rythm production intuitively. So imagine my horror to find that after installing High Sierra it didn’t work!
The stand-alone version exhibits the following symptoms
User interface = OK
Meters showing activity = OK
Preferences shows up all interfaces = OK
No sound! = Broken

The plugin used to work OK with 32 lives, but LPX now refuses to load it, removing it from the list of plugins.

Ideas anyone?

Guru hasn’t been supported by FXpansion in some time. You should move onto Geist 2. furthermore High Sierra has stopped support of carbon plugins which guru may contain.

Hi @paal.a.rasmussen,
Sorry for the late response.

At least with latest public beta (feel free to send us PM if you want to join). I’m able to get GURU up and running (passing the common High Sierra quirks such as restarting after installing new AU plug-ins :frowning: )

(I’ve also tested it on newer macOS / LPX release since screenshooting…)

Sorry for the late response! Thank you for your reply! I have since been able to get GURU up and running on High Sierra. I was running a beta version of High Sierra, and it diabled the AU unit plugin, changing its name. Renaming it back to the original, GURU works. I have the free version of 32Lives, that I understand has been discontinued, so now that I’ve gotten the stand-alone GURU working, I’ll buy the latest version oif 32Lives and try it as a plug-in in Logic as well!

Thank you for taking the time to answer!