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iLok Feature on Drum Leveler


I will not use iLok so it looks like you’ve doomed me to having an old version of drum leveler on my machine. I will never buy another one of your products again.


how many installs do we get? many developers using ilok licenser are allowing for 2 installs so i don’t have to dance with the licenser software every time i use it on my laptop then switch to my desktop.

so, if i’m allowed 2 authorizations then great… fine. but if it only allows one authorization then i’m stuck on this version and will not update and likely will have to sell this plug in which would be a bummer.

so, if i sell it before upgrading to ilok version will the new owner be forced to use the ilok version? if so how will i complete the transfer?

hopefully this is all not relevant because you’re gonna be good humans and allow a 2nd authorization???


cannot use drum leveler. it insists on being authorized to a dongle even though i’ve already authorized it to my HD using the ilok licenser app.



Could you please contact us via the support portal with your account info so we could look into it?




same problem here. it´s a bummer. how can i get back to version 1.1.1?


You are right, don’t update to latest Drum Leveler, I’m now fucked up by the ILOK hell!


Get me back to 1.1.1. drumleveler, this is fucked, I wasted a whole day in studio because of drumleveler/Ilok marriage, never more ILOK products for me, I’m not the only one, stay away from it!


Hi guys,

It appears that our update installers had an issue which prevented iLok machine activations. Totally our bad and I sincerely apologize for the hell we caused.

We’ve now fixed the issue and uploaded new installers to the User Area.