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Thanks a lot for adding iLok-based copy-protection!


… title says it all. For people like me who work in different environments regularly this increases the value and viability of this brilliant plug-in considerably. Thanks a bunch, and keep up the good work!

Kind regards,



How do you authorise the ilok , no info at all for previous owners.


how many installs do we get? many developers using ilok licenser are allowing for 2 installs so i don’t have to dance with the licenser software every time i use it on my laptop then switch to my desktop.

so, if i’m allowed 2 authorizations then great… fine. but if it only allows one authorization then i’m stuck on this version and will not update and likely will have to sell this plug in which would be a bummer.


I’m lost on the ilok auth as well. I never received a code to auth Drum Leveler on my ilok and now, since updating to 1.1.2, no applications will allow me to use this product.

Edit: Found the Auth code in my account. Please disregard.


you log into your account on sound radix and redeem the license offer there. then it prompts you for your ilok details.

However, when i authorize drum leveler using ilok licenser it authorizes… but when i scan the plug in in logic it wants to be authorized again and it insists on the ilok dongle as the only location to authorize it.

so, please sound radix. get it together w/this ilok stuff. i can’t use drum leveler until it’s sorted because i don’t use ilok dongles so cannot authorize it. oh well.


Hi guys,

Thanks for the warm words Dietz, much appreciated!

Activating your license using the iLok system is quite simple. First, you’ll need to redeem your iLok license by entering the license redeem code appearing in the New License Activation box in your User Area. Enter your iLok Account ID and email address and a Drum Leveler license will be deposited into your iLok account.

Launch the iLok License Manager, locate and select the Drum Leveler license and click Activate. Select the location for your license (iLok or machine), click Activate and you’re done.

3 activations are provided with your license.

Important: For users new to iLok, you’ll need to create and validate your iLok account before redeeming your license. We’d warmly recommend to read the iLok License Manager Manual




Somebody said: ¨Thanks a lot for adding iLok-based copy-protection¨