Surfer eq2 is ilok usb only?


big bummer. it looks much improved. lot’s of nice features. is there no way to authorize using iLok’s software licenser w/o the dongle??? i’ve no dongles on my systems so having ability to auth on software is crucial. I know that the USB dongle works perfectly for lot’s of people and that’s great but I have a laptop/desktop and having 2 installs w/o dongle requirement is the only thing that works for me.


@dayjob111 Thanks for your feedback!

To use SurferEQ 2, an iLok stick is required. We’ve selected to opt-out of hard-drive authorization due to a relatively high failure rate of drives and motherboards which results in painful loss of licenses. Furthermore, many folks forget to deactivate their licenses before upgrading their machine.

With iLok, if it’s time to upgrade your system or replace your drive, installing SurferEQ 2 is as simple as running the installer and plugging the key and you’re done. No internet connection or new authorization are required.

We provide two activations with your SurferEQ 2 license! And you can use them simultaneously to activate two keys for your desktop and laptop.




DOH! I just upgraded without realising this. I’ll see how it goes with surfer 2, it may be an exception to the rule, but my experience definitely has been I pretty much stop using the USB ilok plugins. I’m mostly mobile and I’ve found constantly plugging/unplugging the USB stick tends to mean I use it almost not at all purely based on convenience…


I upgraded. I have ilok 1 and Ilok said it was authorised and activated yet when I try to open the surfer eq 2 inside any DAW it asks me yet again to activate and won’t on ilok 1 ! ! Come on Soundradix . If your upgrades don’t work on ilok 1 say so. Eery other software manufacturer offers loading ilok licenses to your computer. I just purchase Soundtoys 5 with no problems.


Hi Ian,

I’m reposting the info I’ve sent you here to keep everyone updated.

We’ve discovered an issue with our release installer which breaks iLok1 compatibility even tough the license supports iLok1 activation. I’m happy to say the we’ve now resolved the issue and hope to release a fix by the end of the week. Anyone interested in receiving the latest internal build with a fix is welcome to contact us via support.




Rats . . I didn’t realize a dongle was required either. I avoid plugins that require an iLok and somehow I missed that requirement on your website. You don’t have to repeat your reason for requiring an iLok, I’ve read it.
From reading other chat room conversations there quite a few of us who avoid plugins that required extra effort authorization and sometimes these schemes don’t work I’ve got about $1100 dollars worth of waves plugins and this past spring after loading a Waves Central required update, which is their pain in the ass authorization scheme, decided it didn’t want to run on my computer any longer. After two weeks working with their support we couldn’t figure out the problem so they’ve lost a customer. Most of us are plug-in junkies and spend more than we should on these toys. If fact, after finding your products today and trying, then buying the Surfer EQ2, I was impressed with your selection and could see buying several other plugins before year end. I own most of Izotope’s products. They make a lot of high end stuff and they give the option of using an iLok or just authoring it on their website using a serial number and letting the software authorize itself online somehow. Very painless.
So that’s my little rant . . If you offer refunds (which I realize most don’t) I’ll take it, otherwise enjoy the dough cause a doogle isn’t in my future.



Thank you for purchasing SurferEQ 2 and for your input. Your investment is not lost! We’re currently working to enable disk-based authorization for SurferEQ 2 and hope to put an update in your hands by the end of the week.

I apologize for the inconvenience and grief we may have caused you.




Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve now posted a SurferEQ 2.0.1 update which fixes the ilok1 compatibility issue as well as the noise and the saving in Pro Tools issues in the demo version.

I’m also happy to say that SurferEQ 2.0.1 no longer requires a physical iLok key, and disk authorization is now enabled. To download the latest installer, please visit the User Area

Thank you all for your input!




Hi Nir,… 1 simple question: Can i put my license into my 2 diferents iLoks and to use it in 2 diferents computers sure??


Currently as other plug-in manufacturers we provide 2 activations per license.
You can put them on 2 different devices (iLok 1, iLok 2 or Harddrive) allowing it to work on 2 machines.


Cheers Nir! Pleased to hear this - great support and response to customer feedback! Off to install the update…


Somewhat related question, but is there an easy way to purchase an additional license for Surfer EQ2? I generally produce on 3 different computers and I’d rather pay a reasonable fee for a 3rd licence than having to constantly activate and deactivate the plugin each session.


oh man… just found out sound raddix added disk authorization but the discounted intro price period is over. bummer. wish it had been disk auth from the start. i would’ve bought it! hopefully there will be a black friday or some other sale before too long so I can pick it up.

thanks for adding disk authorization. it’s very nice of you to add this flexibility for users who don’t dongle. :slight_smile:


Hi dj.soo,

You can get more licenses just by making another purchase of SurferEQ 2.

Hope this helps. You’re also welcome to contact us at