Initial release of Auto-Align 2 release not so great

I’m trying not to go on a negative rant. But I have to say the AAX release of this is really disappointing.
I bought this ‘upgrade’ based on my great experience with V1, and Auto-Align Post.
I primarily use these tools for aligning multi-mic drum setups. I see early implantation/hints of more control, but currently it is not functional or hard crashes if you try to dive in deeper.
As it is, this tool can only align all transients/phase relationships to a common point in time. This is not desirable for a drum recording.
For example, you don’t usually want the spot mics on Kick, Toms, Overheads, Rooms, etc, to have any offset in the time domain. You want to maintain the original performance timing and only align the phase relationships.
Time domain offsets are great for dual mics on single sources but not in the case for mic’s on a kit or room.
I spent much time reviewing the group/link/re-align options. This turned into a crash-fest (At least with the AAX).
A mixer friend of mind experiencing the same frustrations laid it out nicely.
“Yeah, if we can just have phase properly measured and adjusted for, I’d be happy to use this. I want a button next to each instance in the UI that allows me to select if I want it to adjust phase, time, or both.”

I should have tried the trial before jumping on the namm release hype. Lesson learned.

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Hey @eric3 ,
I’m sorry your first experience with Auto-Align 2 wasn’t up to your expectations.

Thank you for raising your concerns.
We’d love to get to the bottom of it asap.

We’d need your help with crash logs, system information and other details about your experience.

If that’s ok with you,
Our support team will contact you and we’ll take from there.

Thank you for your support and patience.


Yes, that would be great…thank you