Drum Align - Which Channels? Or Source by Source individually?

Hi there. Just a short question. How do you align your drums? Do you align all the sources at once or do you align the bassdrum first. Then clear cache and start on a new with the snare and so on and on? And do you include Room Mics? Does it make sense? Do you not lose the depth you want to create with Room Mics?

Thanks for a short answer.

Cheers, Luki

Ok, in my workflow I usually use AA2 on all kit (include rooms, front of kit ets.) except bass drum. Because time relationship between BD and SD most critical.
About BD I have one idea. Usually we have In and out mics. First more for attack, second for low end. I think natural relationship between klick and sub, where click starts a little earlier sounds better, than klick and sub sounds simultaneous

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