AA2 and Slaight Trigger

Hey folks,
I’m wondering how people are dealing with AA2 on drum replacement tracks.
AA2 needs to go after Trigger in this case but unfortunately, this is throwing off the alignment.
I could print the replacement tracks but this adds some complication to my workflow.
Wondering if anyone has found work-arounds.

Align your real drum tracks (real, not SSD or other computer based drums) with AA2, then use Trigger to add the samples after the fact.
As the samples are not part of the OG recording there is no correlation between them and the OG drums so there is nothing to align, given the purpose of AA 2 that is.
You will (as always) still need to check that Trigger lined up the samples accurately because it often doesn’t but that has nothing to do with AA2.

Thanks @creativesounds!
I figured that’s how I’d need to run it and it’s what I’m doing now. I guess that I was hoping for a magic bullet.
As you said, Trigger samples aren’t always going to line up and I’ve found that printing the Trigger track and then running that track through AA2 improves things quite a bit.
Unfortunately, that’s not a workflow that is practical for me as I like to switch out those samples sometimes as a mix progresses.

Save AA2 for the end of your mix then.

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