Auto Align2 before or after Trigger Plugin

Hi. First of all very nice improvement with the Auto Align 2, impressive results !
QUESTION: I recorded drums, and instantlly align them. Sounds awesome.
Now, when Mixing i want to add couple of Trigger sounds for Kick and Snare , using those original KK and SNR tracks to trigger . Should i Add AA2 before trigger plugin, and re-align? In this particular case i am using Snare Top Mic , duplicating it 2 times, one track will be dry snare trigger sound , other only Ambience snare trigger sounds. Any suggestion best way to do?
In my mind i think that once the original track is being used to trigger , would be nice to copy the alignement of this original tracks to the duplicated tracks , and put them before tigger plugin. Does that makes any sense? Suggestions please!

Big Thanks
Gustavo Sandes

Hi @gustavosandessp,

Thanks for your message. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Auto-Align!

I made a few tests and it seems that copying the original Kick and Snare Auto-Align instances and placing them before Trigger does sound better than using Auto-Align after Trigger.

You can also experiment with committing the sample tracks and then Auto-Align the committed tracks with the rest of your drum tracks. This workflow also gave good results.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Happy music-making,


I Oran, I started an auto align 2 trial and haven’t had a chance to properly use it and my trial is nearly up, would it be possible if my trial could be extended,

many thanks

Hi @taylor_brierley,

Welcome to the forum.

I just deposited a 14 days trial extension directly to your iLok account. Simply activate the extension using the iLok License Manager and you’re all set.

If there’s anything else I may help you with, just let me know.



Hi Oran. I still Have a doubt…i just did a nice recording drums, with closes mic to each piece, and 1 Room Far away Mic, another mono compressed kit mic in front of the drums…my overhead is a Shure stereo mic ( so no Phase issue normally between left and right so i set them as stereo Mic).
Recording done, no edit yet, so i playback full track once.
1-it analised counting with the floor tom as key track…weird, so did all again
2-then i clear capture and analised again, it considered snare close as key… but big delay at kick mics
3-third try and it took the room mic as key… no delay but i am very confused.

for this work, the recording phase x tonality relation was very nice , sounding all right i kept it without auto align this time i am fine.

But i wonder why it happens?? Two days ago, same drum, same set up, other drum and style, couple of centimeters changed at snare mics, thats all… i did same process and it captured snare as key track , and any delay, normal sampler adjusts, sounds very nice without but awesome with AA2.

Any tips?

Thanks again


Hi @gustavosandessp,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear about this issue.

Which DAW and plugin format are you using?
You can find out which plugin format you’re using by clicking on the Auto-Align 2 logo in the upper left corner of the UI.

Can you please confirm that you captured the exact same audio in all three captures?
Is Auto-Align used as the first insert in all your drum tracks?

If yes, it would be great if you could send us your project, we’d be happy to look into it as the key time should have stayed constant.

You can use WeTransfer to send us your project to [email protected].

Thanks and have a great weekend,