Stereo Image drift

I have been using AAP for phase correction on drums for a long time now and have overall loved the results. However sometimes the snare tends to pull to the side mid song. Is there a correct way to do this or should I stick to normal AA for drums? I’m generally using Dynamic for the overheads and syncing to the the snare top mic. I’m also placing the mics so kick and snare should be center of the stereo field

Hi @eruotolo

For Drums, may I suggest Static mode? The Dynamics mode is designed to adapt for moving microphones, such as when actors are moving around. Otherwise, the classic Auto-Align includes NoiseFloor filtering option, which helps separate the bleed from the source.



Thanks Nir! My thought process behind AAP for drums was that since cymbals move and every element has a different phase relationship to over heads, AAP in dynamic mode would be a good solution for this. I experimented with both static and dynamic but will stick to AA. Most times I’m getting great results with AAP