Auto Align extras

Hi All

In the plugin if I do my time alignments at the beginning of the mixing I choose the best offered option what I liked, as I soloed the two tracks, and listened them together. Like snare phase to the overheads.
But next time if I open the session, and want to take a listen to the other options (after I closed the PT session and reopened it) and click to prev/next buttons it jumps to ±2048 samples, so it forgot the previous possibilites.
Is it possible, to let/make the plugin save these time options?

If I think right, and tell me if I’m wrong, the delays what AA offers me, are the points in different frequencies, where phase cycles runs together perfectly. So for example snare hi/lo difference, and at snare lo 90 samples delay phase reversed makes me that phase matches in around 200Hz. AA offers me 211 sample delay, and this in phase around 510Hz (where I hear the fundamental trasient).
So if it goes in this way, if would be nice, if I could choose the best matching frequency in a spectral range (graphically). In this case it would be easier to set the transient punch for the snare around 200Hz, and for the kickdrum at 80Hz or choose 65Hz

Thank you
Have a nice day