Auto-Align not working correctly


I just downloaded a trial version of Auto-Align. I wanted to use it when layering snare samples. I put it on my main snare (send 1) and one of my samples (recv 1). When I press detect and it listens, it ends up correcting with 900 + samples resulting in flams instead of being in phase.

Im using active midi, and the layered samples are being triggered off of the same signal. Not sure if this is the problem. I tried using different sources as the send but It still “corrects” with like 1000 samples which is waaay off.

What am I missing?

Im in the latest version of Pro Tools with Delay Compensation on. I tried it on non-midi drums and it still over corrected by a lot.

Hi Buster,

Thanks for your message. I wrote you from our support desk, please reply and we’ll do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible.