Auto-Align Post Alignment Issue

I found an issue I believe while editing a huge feature film project I’m working on. I found that if I add tracks above the tracks I’m working on and then try to use AAP to sync any tracks, it won’t see the key track that I have selected, and it will align the targeted track to a blank track as if there was no key track selected.

I then tested changing the key track to a track below the actual key track (one that was actually empty) and it thought that was actually the key track (the one above) and sync’d correctly.

Then I deleted the extra tracks above the key track and it went back to syncing to the correct key track. What’s up with this? I had worked on the film hours and hours and never noticed this issue until the end where I was adding in more tracks. I found I can avoid the issue in Pro Tools if I don’t add tracks above the key track but always below… it seems tracks above the key track push down the where AAP thinks the actual key track is. Thoughts? Help?

I also tried closing and reopening Pro Tools to see if AAP would reset itself to see the key track correctly again and it still didn’t work, only removing the new tracks allowed for it to work.

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Hi @sirisx4,
There’s a bug in Pro Tools when tracks are opened in Playlists views. when in Playlist view, side chain track would be incorrect.

  • If that’s the case I’d suggest contacting Avid so they’ll prioritise this issue.
  • If your issue is another one, contact us through support so we’ll investigate this further and provide a fix if needed.

Thank you for letting us know! It is really important to hear about any quirks like that.

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