Suggestion: Can we get a simple + and - next to the reference track menu

For switching channels faster…


Hi @locadia ,
Your feedback is welcomed.

It’ll be useful for us to know which Auto-Align Post flavor you’re commenting about.
(Audiosuite/Pro Tools, ARA VST3, Adobe Premiere).

Thank you!

I’m on the latest Pro Tools (audiosuite).


Unfortunately, if that’s the case, The key/sidechain input is part of the Pro Tools / Audiosuite window.
AAP doesn’t have this ability.

Maybe you’ll be able to find or create a script using SoundFlow that is able to automate the Pro Tools interface itself.

Too bad! Thanks!!

I have Soundflow Scripts that do exactly this, one aligns every other to the one above it (for aligning ADR Boom and wire) and another you select as many tracks as you want and it aligns them all to the track directly above those. Hit me up in the SF forums if you want them, I cant upload .txt files here or I’d just share them.

I would definitely like this soundflow script. I have been wondering how to achieve this for a while now.

Tag me on the SF forum in a post and I’ll post em both @Owen_Granich_Young

Tagged you! Appreciate it! for anybody else who comes here looking for it. And if you’re not a SF user and this gets you into it use my link? :wink: Welcome to SoundFlow - SoundFlow - Workflow platform for creatives: Automate Pro Tools and other DAWs

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