Auto-Align 2 & tempo change


Before to upgrade to AA 2, I have a question :
AA v1 is super handy but I can’t use it in projects where the tempo changes.
So I was wondering if this AA v2 can works in projects with different tempos inside the track.

Thank you.

Hi @jfb2web ,
Thank you for your inquiry.

Auto-Align needs host’s playhead sample position to understand tracks audio location. (which is a must to understand phase relations between multi-tracks)

In the past, we had some hosts that reported non-contionious position. (For example during tempo change)

We did our best to improve this on our end and by reporting those issues to those hosts (DAWs) manufacturers.

Are you using latest Auto-Align 1.6.4? Are you using latest version of your DAW?
If you’d like, I’d suggest contacting our support to get to the bottom of it.

About Auto-Align 2,
As with all of our products, trial is available so you can try and let us know how it goes for you.