Auto align post 2 and ableton compatiblity

Does auto align 2 currently work in ableton? I was reading the manual, and it was not listed under the minimum supported hosts. I know ableton doesn’t have ara2 support, but i’m wondering if it will still work. It looks like other non ara2 hosts are supported. Are there any features missing in the non ara2 versions?

Thanks in advance for any help


Hi Adam,

Yes! Auto-Align 2 works with Ableton Live 10 or later.

Thank you for raising this! We’ll revise this section next time we’ll update the manual.

The supported hosts section is indeed mostly related to ARA2 where each host version can contain crucial fixes for ARA2 expereince.

That’s a very good question!
The biggest benefit (feature) of ARA2 is - the immediate analysis. with ARA2 you should just put the ARA2 instances on the tracks or regions (depends on the hosts ARA support), and Auto-Align 2 can immediately analyze and provide alignments upon completion.

With “non-ARA2”, there’s an extra step of capturing the audio to Auto-Align 2 (this is quite similar to the detect button of AA1). Having said that, we encourage users to try and capture the entire project to get the best results. (pro-tip: we can speed this up by exporting/bouncing offline and then deleting the exported mix file)

The captured audio is kept until the project/session is closed. so if you ever need to re-align or adjust alignments you’d might need to capture again. (for non-ARA)

That’s the core difference between the ARA2 and non-ARA2.

Let us know if you have more questions!
Happy aligning :slight_smile:

Note that the title asks about Auto-Align Post 2 and the post body asks about Auto-Align 2.

If you need to align drum mics or bass amp + di, you need Auto-Align 2 (which does work in Ableton like @tal answered), but if you need to align moving mics like an actor’s neck mic and the boom mic you need Auto-Align Post 2, which does not work in Ableton.