Aligning a Mixed Music track with random stem edits from a video editor

Hi. New user here hoping Auto Align will solve an ongoing issue.
I often get video editors who like to take a ‘mixed’ track of production library music, then randomly grab chunks from the stems to accentuate (drum hits, maybe a piano lick, etc). And the edits are usually only frame-accurate because of limitations in their editing software. Has anyone used A.A. in this workflow.? My solution has to always been to try and do it in Ptools by just zooming in to sample accurate waveform view, and just doing it by ear… Time consuming to say the least. :).

(*running the latest ProTools on an M2 Ultra Mac Tower… yay ARA!!!)


Hi Dave,

I do what you describe almost every day, but I have never tried it with AAP2, as I always do it with the built-in Nuendo’s Audio Alignment tool. It was designed for the same purpose, but unlike AAP2 it has a a checkbox that checking it essentially tells the tool to prefer sliding/scrolling the audio clip content to match the reference position if possible. I’m not sure if AAP2 is equipped with such features. One thing for sure, anything that goes into AAP2 is marked as processed in my DAW, even if no changes are made (the reference for instance), so no matter what, it needs to be re-rendered to become a ‘ plain normal audio, while with the Nuendo Audio Alignment tool the audio stays as it was and the only change is that the audio clip content is aligned to the reference without the need to re-render the clip(s).

Thanks for the reply! That sounds absolutely amazing within Nuendo! . Especially if it’s keeping the regions themselves the same and just sliding and adjusting the content internally within those regions. Hello pro tools, make this happen immediately :-). Time to go look at some YouTube videos :-)Thanks

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You’re welcome, I think that’s what you are looking for:

Cloud be that AAP2 Static mode is what you need, but I’m not sure.

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