Auto Align 2 question

I am using Auto Align 2 and i am very happy with the results. There is one thing, which i don’t quite understand.

First, i aligned my (raw, non edited) drum tracks using plugin, everything’s fine and sounds great.

Next, i wanted to remove silence from tom tracks. I cut audio files and trimmed them accordingly.

On my surprise, tom audio channels now play completely out of sync. My first impression is that the left-side trimming of audio events has the same result as moving events ?!?

I can imagine there are some limitations because of ARA, but can’t find any additional info about it. Is editing of the audio events allowed once they are aligned or they have to be rendered first?

Thx for help!

Reaper x64, Windows

Hi Franci,
Thank you for reaching out.

Only limitation by ARA is the need for each audio files to have only one modification. Meaning,
If you got exact same audio on 2 tracks it’ll have the same treatment (for example - exact same delay and spectral correction).

However, trimmed regions should work as expected. If that’s not the case, we’d really appreciate your help and get support contact you to get clearer understanding of the problem.


Thx for the answer!

I’ll dig into it a bit deeper, looks like trimmed regions are giving me trouble … will try to record a video which demonstrates the exact behaviour.

Will keep you informed!

EDIT: you can contact me on my registered email anytime!

I just uploaded a video to YouTube as promised. Let me know to which email i should send a link?


Please contact our support to get to the bottom of it. Thank you