Win-to-macOS VST wrapper - "Win Lives"


32 lives is hands down the best bit bridge wrapper for mac. So I’m thinking you’re the perfect people to create a Windows-to-Mac plugin wrapper!

There’s an old thread on KVR about it ( where people have discussed what’s involved, and there have been various attempts that were quite (very) hacky, but did work for a few people in a few cases.

A couple of solutions exist for Linux ( + another one I can’t link to because there’s a 2-link limit post) and they seem to be based on the same concept as the wrappers in the KVR thread - wrapping each plugin with its own instance of WINE.

What I’m hoping is something like 32 Lives - a very solid, well-maintained option for wrapping Windows VSTs so they work on Mac. Crossover Mac does pretty amazing things for Windows apps, and I’m hoping that something similar would be possible for Windows VST plugins.

The use case for me is that there’s a handful of Windows plugins I love that were never ported to Mac, and never will be. Being able to use these on a modern Mac would be beyond amazing. It’s an edge case, even for me, but it’s a product I would absolutely be prepared to pay for.

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My thoughts exactly. If someone could do this on a professional level is soundradix.