Installing Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2

Hi to all, new member here.

I have just bought Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 second hand and following this article tried to install it:

I have resurrected the plugin and it shows up in Logic but with no content.

Is there something else I can do with the plist?
And why is this plist different then the one given by Steinberg’s site:

I am on 10.12.6
On the first link above soundradix team says that they have tried it on 10.12.2 Is it possible that doesn’t work on 10.12.6 or newer?

Hi @ilespasev,
I’d suggest contacting us through support for further assistant.

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I did, thank you! Your support is awesome, available also on weekends. I have never seen such support from any other manufacturer.

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Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Tal and Nir for helping me through installing the Virtual Guitarist 2 content.
I have never witnessed such a helpful team of any manufacturer be it music software or other. I mean, these guys took hours of their weekend to walk me through and help me use my newly purchased beloved software. I can’t express how grateful I am. THANK YOU guys!