Sound Radix PI tutorial


Is there a comprehensive video tutorial on PI somewhere, where every feature is explained in depth with some real world examples?

Hi Kris,

Here’s a nice video showing and explaining Pi:

We’ll try and make a video with more real-world examples soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]


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Hello Sound Radix, my name is Marc and I just purchased your PI plug-in. I own a few of your plug-ins and have transferred all my sessions to the new Macbook Pro M1 Pro from an old 2009 Mac Pro and when loading this plug-in in Logic Pro, it pulls up perfectly.
I mainly need it for Pro Tools though which we mix in. We use the latest Pro Tools 2021.12. When loading Pro Tools, even though it’s using Rosetta 2, it’s still not recognizing the plug-in. Is there a workaround for this issue? I know when using certain NuGen plugins, they had the same issue, and to get around it, they sent me a Challenge and Response code as I’m guessing it’s tied to an iLok issue in Pro Tools. I’m guessing the same thing is going on here with the PI plug-in. I have Surfer EQ 2 plug-in as well and have just installed that and will see if that plug-in will be recognized and pull up and will report back to let you guys know. Thanks guys, Marc

Surfer EQ 2 is working fine with Pro Tools. Is there a way to get PI working as well?
Please let us know. We also beta test for multiple companies (15) so feel free to contact us about beta testing whatever version you have. Thanks as always, Marc

Hi, @imsrprod,

This is a known issue with Pi in Pro Tools 2021.12 under macOS Monterey.
We’re working towards an update that will fix this issue. This update should be ready by the end of March.
In the meantime, the latest Pi (version 1.1.1) does work in Pro Tools 2021.10 which you can download here:

If you still have any issues with Pro Tools 2021.10, please send us a message at [email protected].



Perfect, thanks for that info. We are downloading that version right now. We will test it. Thanks again, Marc

You’re welcome, Marc.
All the best.