Is Pi ok for my workflow?


I’m a die hard user of Auto Align and Drum Leveler and am very interested in Pi. The concern is that my system is not top of the line. I understand that Pi requires realtime processing, but I usually render my memory-intensive fx busses. I would imagine Pi is probably not a good option for me until I can upgrade my system a bit. Can you confirm this for me?

Hi @nooneimportant3121,
I guess most Sound Radix plug-ins are the “lowest CPU” plug-ins.
(they’re well CPU optimized but without compromising sonic quality).

Pi also won’t work on busses. It would result feedback for analysis causing Pi to show SYNC ERROR.
Pi should be added on every audio track directly. preferably post-fader and as a last insert.

You can download the 14-days and try it for yourself. It’s always worth testing it before buying it :slight_smile: