Pi Ableton Live - Warble and More

idk what to say, everyone and all the reviews seemed stunning. but no one used ableton.
biggest issue is WARBLE i was aware this could be an issue. but in ableton at-least, its terrible, lots of artifacts and sense theres no post fader inserts in ableton. its became a nightmare. Am i supposed to gain stage thru pi and set all my faders to 0, that seems horrible for my workflow! Also lots of glitches and weird timing problems when looping a section.just wanna get some thoughts on the optimal way to use this plugin or i while definitely be considering getting a refund :confused:

Hi @ dylanjosepholiver11,

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Could you please share which versions of Ableton and Pi you’re using?

Pitch artifacts could happen if low end-heavy instruments are too significant in the levels Pi “sees” which in turn impact softer or lighter instruments by pulling their phase towards the heavier instruments.

If for example, the Bass Drum channel in your mix is set to -15dB, Pi still ‘sees’ the Bass Drum information coming in at 0 dB. In this case, the Bass Drum is influencing Pi’s phase rotation 15dB stronger than it’s actual weight in the mix. This will impact other tracks in the mix negatively and may cause artifacts. To improve this, dial the Bass Drum’s Gain in Pi down by 15dB and set its mixer fader to unity gain.

It’s okay to lower or increase the Bass Drum using the mixer fader, just try to avoid cases where there’s such a big difference between the track’s place in the mix and the gain Pi receives.

If that didn’t help, increase the channel weight parameter on the offended channel while listening to the entire mix until the artifacts are no longer audible. Another option is to group the tracks with the warble side-effect in Pi and set the group mode to ‘INT’ (which optimizes the phase relationships of the channels within the group exclusively).

If you’d like, we’d be happy to review your project, feel free to send it through wetransfer.com to [email protected].



thanks for the resonse,

im using Ableton 10.1 and hopefully the latest Pi sense i just recently purchased it!

the gain aspect im starting to understand more and i think is helping!

i really just wish there was more video/tutorial content with this product, with the price point. and the possibilities with a plugin, seems like there should be more literature and videos to kinda show the best ways and how to use this plugin!

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Hi @dylanjosepholiver11 ,

Thanks for your reply. I’m glad to hear you’re getting better results after paying attention to gain staging.

Regarding more content showing how to use Pi in a mix - great idea, we’re on it!



We’ve posted a support article with some Pi usage tips:


As always, feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any Pi questions.