Upwards-only leveling, or independent + and - gain ranges

For me POWAIR is most useful when it raises the signal level to hit the TRGT threshold, but often the audio will surge past the TGRT and end up way higher than I want. Thus I would really appreciate some version of the following features:

  1. independent + and - gain controls. So raise the gain by X if it falls below TGRT, and lower the gain by Y if it rises above TRGT.
  2. Ability to compress or limit signal if it rises above TRGT (or ability to set compressor to only kick in at TRGT threshold).

Does this make sense? In other words, I really want the TRGT setting to be the ceiling. If audio goes higher than this it needs to be turned down much faster than what the LU Integration Time specifies.


Hi Studio5,

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Thanks for your suggestions.
If you don’t want your signal to cross the Target Level, you can lower the input level and raise the target level. I think this way the Leveler will act more to liking, hope this helps.

If you have any more issues or feature requests, feel free to contact us @ [email protected]



Ah I guess I can try that. Generally I add Fabfilter ProC after POWAIR to catch anything that rises above the trgt threshold. Such as when someone’s voice rises substantially in volume after they pause for a breath.