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Hi Nir (and all in the company)
At first, just say, that so happy with powair.
As It would be a perfect last piece in the vocal chain, I would ride the vocal (or any solo instrument) with the leveler function. 3 options would be great for this:

1.: if I let it ride the main vocal to a proper level, and right before when the hook comes is, the band makes a decrescendo till forte, then the vocalist keeps a long high loud note, the leveler pulls it down to the aimed level, what in this case is quieter what is needed. So options for this is to automate the trgt level. For this case it would be nice the have continuous in or decreasing automation data written. Now I can only “digitally” increasemets.
Example attached:

2.: It would be nice, if I could set the leveler only doing upward movements for me, no downleveling. (in this case it pulls the vocal lower that what is needed.

3.: or (my best idea :wink: ) use the sidechain input (or another external input) to be as a reference level for the leveler, and I would set up, the soloist always has to be 1-2dB louder in lkfs that the external input.
So from all the instruments group feed a line into the vocals powair, and it will do the perfect ride for me. In this case also downward leveling would not be good, because a quiet piano part comes, the voice sould not fall 15dB.

I hope I was not too ununderstandable :slight_smile:

Thank you
Nice day for everyone here


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Hi Viktor,
Thank you for the feedback.

As I’m more from the technical perspective. I can only answer your first question.

While it might look “digitally” (and uglier :slight_smile: ), currently our parameter system uses stepped values to provide at least some sort of plug-in accessibility.

The workflow I’d suggest,

  1. if you draw lines it would do the stairway for you. and be closer to continuous looking.
  2. in terms of parameter resolution internal parameter is in 0.1dBFS steps so it should be on par with steps available within the host.
  3. Audibility: it’ll be smoothed out within the leveler itself (our leveler should always smooth-out gain changes). You’ll might find that tweaking the LU Integration Time useful.

Happy new year!

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