Side-chaining w/ Maschine

Good Day. Is there a way I can be shown how to side-chain in Native Instruments Maschine? I tried to transfer the same ideas from the Abelton tutorial but they’re just too different.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @reudelchristopher,
MASCHINE 2 supports side-chain input for effects applied to a sound or a group.

I’ve tested it with both, Audio-Unit and VST2 and it works as expected.

Step 1:
Select the sound you desire to apply to effect on.
For example, in this case I’ve chosen MP CBass -

Step 2:
Click on the Plug-In icon, then choose Group or Sound you’d like to insert SurferEQ or any other plug-in.

Notice the Side-Chain Input on the parameters area available for plug-ins.

Step 3:
Click on the + button to see your available plug-ins and choose the desired plug-in.


Step 4:
After you’ve inserted a plug-in the supports side-chain,
Click the “Side-Chain Input” page on the parameters area.

Step 5:

Set the source input for the side-chain by clicking the source selector:

Step 6:

For Sound Radix plug-ins turn on the SC button in order to use side-chain input.

Maschine & SurferEQ tips and steps:

  • In order to enjoy the side-chain, turn the SURF buttons or use GTE modes :wink:

  • MASCHINE (at least when this was written) doesn’t support plug-ins delay compensation.
    (you can ask for it here). For SurferEQ it might be more tolerable to turn on LIVE mode that reduce latency greatly.

Keep surfin’!