How do i side-chain SurferEQ 2 in Ableton Live?

Hi, would be great if someone can answer this for me.

I’m pretty much fresh off the boat in the music production world, however, I watch a video with the S.EQ2 in Logic and applying side-chain on that DAW was straight forward.

Is there a method as simple as this in Ableton 9?

Ableton Live 9 (and especially VST2 is less side-chain friendly :slight_smile: )
AU is simpler but both are done similar on Live.

Here it’s on Live with VST (since VST would work the same for Windows).

does Surfer eq2 work in ableton 10 and if so how do I side-chain (808 and kick)???

would love to try this product but I need to know those features work in. live 10

Side-Chain of course works just fine with Ableton Live 10.
with the exact workflow suggested above.