SurferEQ 2 Channels? (Side-chaining)

HELP please!

So I am able to send MIDI info to various channels of an single instance of SurferEQ2 that is an Audio track. I have one MIDI track sending to Channel 1, but I want a second MIDI track sending to Channel 2 of said SurferEQ2 instance to process (certain EQ nodes) on said audio track with side-chaining of slightly different pitch info.

Everything implies that this is both doable and an intended capability, but how do I have certain EQ nodes corresponding to specific side-chain input channels (respective to their MIDI tracks)? In other words, how do I have MIDI track A (that is side-chaining to Channel 1 on SurferEQ) control certain EQ nodes and also have MIDI track B (that is side-chaining to Channel 2 on SurferEQ) control other EQ nodes in the same SurferEQ 2 instance?

It seems that either channel controls all of the EQ nodes, and I don’t see any way to specify which EQ nodes should be controlled by which specific channel(s).

Hi @audiobuurma,

Thanks for your message.
SurferEQ doesn’t support multiple sidechain inputs.

However, there is a workaround for this issue, which involves using two SurferEQs in succession.
You can use MIDI track A to sidechain into the first SurferEQ and MIDI track B to sidechain into the second SurferEQ.

If you have any issues, let us know which DAW you are using, and we will be happy to assist you further.



Just seeing this now, but thank you for replying!

And yes, that’s what I’m doing as a work around; it’s just inconvenient because it takes up an Insert slot and also consumes (what I assume would be) close to nearly twice the CPU.

Being able to do what my initial question was asking about would be a good feature in the next version! If possible, that is. Is there a place to post this suggestion/want?