How do I sidechain in Reason 11

Hi, how do I sidechain in Reason 11, Ive spent all day trying to figure it out but made little progress
as there are no tutorials online on how to do it!

shows sidechain|690x388

I can see the instrument on graph but I can not hear any sound from the one sidechained in optional

Hi @ robert_cuk,

Please make sure the green ‘SC’ button is selected. Then, engage a boost or a cut on a specific band, and select the Gain for that boost/cut (for example -7dB).

Engage the Spectral Gate for the selected band, this enables the band only when the input signal crosses the threshold set by the GTE THR (Gate Threshold) slider.
Turn up the GTE threshold slider on the left-hand side of the GUI so that the cut or boost reacts with whatever you’re side-chaining in. You can also set the attack and recovery time.

Regarding routing, I don’t see mix channels for your ‘DR Rex’ instrument in the picture. Whenever I drag an instance of ‘DR Auto Rex Player’ to the black area in the rack (where it says ‘add device’) a mix channel is automatically created for that instrument. When flipping the rack I press on the small triangle next to the preset’s name on the mix channel and create a patch between ‘Parallel Output L’ and Surfer EQ’s Optional ‘Audio in 3’.

I’ve sent you a demo project through our support system, if you’re still having issues please reply and we’ll do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible.