Plug-in Request - Negative Phase

This video by Dash Glitch absolutely blew my mind! The first thing I thought after watching this was where is Sound Radix?! I and many others I’m sure would love to see this in plug-in form!

Listen to difference on the “Fixed OTT” track in the mix comparison @13:30

Hi Shane,
Thank you for your post.

In general, with AA2 you could acheive something similar as follows:

  1. Have your original unprocessed track (mute it / keep it for later use)

  2. On the track you’d like to change, add the multi-band processor (eg OTT), if the processor allows changing the band splits you’d need to redo the process each time. (by having the “unmodified” splits state and re-align/re-capture into AA2)

  3. Once the multi-band is set correctly, add AA2 on the modified track and the “original unprocessed”.

  4. Make a group of the 2 tracks, and turn “time” off (so it’ll only use spectral phase correction.

Keep in mind though, AA2 also have a unique feature called “Absolute Phase” (as in the guitar example screenshot below)

It might flip phase on the original source (more details available at the AA2 user manual).
If undesired, you can simply flip phase within the AA2 group menu.

This workflow can be useful for parallel effect processing such as distortion (eg. dry bassline and an overdrived-processed same bassline)