AA2 latency in protools 23.03 96K

Is there any option to reduce the plugins latency? Maybe that time window size is not necessary.
Now I mix a session at protools 23.03 at 96K, used aa2 on all channels, and the default latency is 9600 samples.
The biggest amount by the plugin is 1532 samples.
in my case all separate instruments goes into a bus, where I treat with plugins, and in this case the delay is too much and protools cannot compensate the busses. Most of them are now over 25000 samples what is red, nd for example the drums now behind the orchestra.

BTW I have the same issue with PI also, cannot use it because of this huge delay, it would be amazing to be able to use it

Hi @szabo_viktor ,
Did you try freezing up to insert for Auto-Align 2?

Unlike Pi, Auto-Align can be freezed during mixing to reduce the latency.

Hi Tal
Yes that would be an option. In my case I mix a whole album in one session at 96K, so the audio material is 160Gb and it will double up the space

Yep, that sounds less fun.

AA2 needs latency to support negative offset. I’ll log this scenario to see if there’s anything we can improve for such scenarios.

Thank you for pointing that out.

Hi Tal
Thank you so much. And as an extra in my case I have other versions in the playlists, and have to comp it later when the mix is ready and the artist comes.
I usually have huge plugins in the busses, what eats 15000 samples around, and adding this 9000 on the tracks it is over the protools capability. And above these comes the parallel busses and the reverbs.

BTW, I also put it on it an already done mix when AA2 came out AA1 was already used, but the difference was huge the whole mix became 3db louder and more in face. Impressive.

As I m here, there is an idea for Powair. The leveler function works really nice. I would like to use it on the main vocals, and would be nice if I feed the whole orchestra mix into the sidechain, and the orchestra would be the drive signal for the leveler, in this case powair would always push the vocalist above the orchestra, what would make life easier (for me :slight_smile: )

thank you

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