Phase rotation cases



I am a french dialog editor and I use Auto-Align Post since a few weeks. It is a really great tool !!

But I have a little problem and a big one, you could work on :

  • I have sometimes (rarely) artefacts on vowels. Not a huge problem, thanks to RX7…

  • in some cases, frequencies can’t all be phase aligned : something in the shooting process creates a big phase rotation on one channel. (I’d like to understand what creates that… Some filter, probably…). Anyway, in this case, it seems that AAP sometimes inverts phase of the selection, sometimes not. And for one take, it can invert a part, and not invert another… You could add a choice to “never invert phase”, couldn’t you ?

Thanks a lot !




Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks for your message. We’ll love to properly look into the issues you’re experiencing. Could you please open a ticket via support and provide some examples of the issues you’re experiencing? It would be great If you could provide the multi-track recordings so we could analyze them here.

Many thanks!