AAP mixed results

I tried AAP in a recent project and I was really amazed with the ease of use and the results, but there were times when the sum of the boom and lav mics resulted in a very mid-heavy dialogue. Even if I EQ the bus these mics were feeding I couldn’t get rid of that mid-heavy tone. What I found curious is that in most cases I had characters with deep voices and AAP was able to retain that low end information when both boom and lav mics were open, but in few situations it sounded like it was actually killing the low end and some of the crispness of the dialogue, therefore making the sum very mid-heavy. I’m talking only about the sum, the individual mics were fine in the low end.

So even though the plugin works well in 80-90% of the time, this issue has really put me off. The price is far from affordable for a freelance editor like myself and the main problem is that I just had no other way to control what the plugin was doing wrong to try and fix it. And I’ve seen a user applying AAP to the entire location audio before (s)he started assembling the files, but in my experience during the trial period I wouldn’t trust AAP that much because it’s not 100%. I’m ok with not being 100%, I just wish it offered more control to help the plugin get it right in those 10-20% of the times it doesn’t automatically.

Hello Tiago,

your problem is not related to AAP ! It is a phase rotation on on one channel (probably due to a filter on the boom) during shooting process. If you try to align phase manually, (let’s say, on a plosive) you will have the same bad result on the low end. It seems to be a current issue, last few years…