Improvement suggestions for future versions

i just want to say, how much i love auto align post.
You have given me back hours of life! Really - This thing is a game changer, i worked 50 % Protools and 50 % Nuendo. But now, i will only work with protools from now on. Because of auto align post. I am mostly doing dialogue editing, cleaning and restauration and re-recording / mixing.
I am doing my first 2 jobs with auto align post in it - and i have 2/3 suggestions to make your software better (i think)
From the experience that i have now 3 things:

  1. Please offer a MINIMAL Interface with a tiny window. I would like to have constantly 6 instances open, each of them with one guide track already selected. So i can apply the effect much faster. To have 6 windows open requires a lot of space - which we never have enough of
  2. In the presets, the sidechain channel unfortunately is not saved you should try to change that, or find another way of saving that information inside of a preset.
  3. Same as the one above
    it would be great to save the “favourite” guide tracks so you can pick them much faster. Probably you have 30 50 120 Tracks in your session, but only the same 6 8 10 or even 16 might be relevant as guide tracks.
    So that would be good, to have them a little better to access.

That’s it …
Mi Gift to you - for your wonderfully engineered piece of software.

All the Best



Hi @audionerd!
Thank you for the warm words.

I’ll do my best to address your feedback…

  1. Minimal Interface, It should be available soon in an upcoming update. we are in our last minute tweaks of it.

2 & 3. Side-chain selection - A plug-in (Auto-Align Post in our case) is a guest of the host (Pro Tools) so it might be worth asking Avid as we really have no way to keep or control side-chain.

Thank you!

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