Any ETA on AU support for Auto-Align Post?

Running UAD Luna and would love to get this utility plugin in use asap.
Just looking for a timeframe if this is going to happen or look for an alternative.

Hi @cabo246 ,
Thanks for your interest in running Auto-Align Post in Luna.
We’re planning to release an AU version later this year. However, Auto-Align Post 2 VST (and the upcoming AU) requires ARA2 support, which LUNA doesn’t have just yet

OK, thanks for the update.
One last question…If I was to use Pro Tools First (free daw) just to render the audio , would that work on that DAW?
Then I can import the newly rendered tracks into Luna?

Hi @cabo246 ,
Do you mean Pro Tools Intro (Pro Tools First is discontinued)?
If you meant Pro Tools Intro, then yes. it does support AudioSuite and can run Auto-Align Post.

Are you planning to use Auto-Align Post for dialouge or musical content such as drums?

Drums but i was thinking bass too, but let me ask your professional advice.

I need a solution for all low end to be in alignment and phase as close as possible. Obviously, the other tracks too in the mids/highs.

Which solution in your honest opinion is best for this…we got auto-align, Pi, and auto-align post to figure out the one stop shop for mixing pop/rock music and looking for clarity and hard hitting bottom end.
I see some mix engineers using auto-align with Pi , some just using auto-align post…so its confusing.

I haven’t demoed anything yet to see or hear yet but since I got you to talk it might save me the leg work.
I appreciate your time and advice too.