Auto Align Post 2 - Logic x 10.7.9 - Mac M1 - Doesn’t show up anywhere!?

Purchased, downloaded and installed. Took a few install/uninstalls to even show up as a component/vst or any evidence of installation at all.

Logic, when booting, scans for plugins every time now and determines that Auto Align 2 Post and Auto Align can’t be read.

I haven’t seen any news on this. A a warning to Logic users. It doesn’t work. and the “ticket” system is slow. I just need my money back so I can buy something that works.

Hi @tlbmsound,

Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear about this issue.

I replied to your email six days ago, perhaps it reached your spam folder? It also looks like you wrote from a different email address.

Unfortunately, Auto-Align Post 2 currently doesn’t support the AU format, therefore, it won’t show in Logic Pro.

Currently, Auto-Align Post supports AudioSuite AAX (Pro Tools), VST3-ARA2 (Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper, Studio One) and Premiere Pro as an extension.

We’re hoping to add AU support soon, but there’s no expected date for this yet.

I’ll contact you directly with information about your refund.

If you have any questions, let me know.