Auto-Align 2 with Pi?

I’ve been using AA for years. It’s great. I recently bought Pi, and thought this works across the mix. Now looking at the AA2 images, with the multiple tracks, it seems like it might have some crossover with Pi.

Since there aren’t a whole lot of materials out yet, and I can’t go to NAMM, what does an AA2 + Pi workflow look like? Are they really independent, or are there things you should avoid doing in one if you’re using both on the same tracks in a mix?

Hi @kerrysongs,

Thanks for your message. I appreciate your interest in discussing the benefits of using Pi and Auto-Align 2.

In response to your question, Pi may be less noticeable on tracks that have already been Auto-Aligned, however, Pi still plays a vital role in general phase optimization of your mix.

To elaborate further, Auto-Align 2 works by analyzing and correcting phase differences between two or more microphones or DI recordings that were used to capture the same sound source. In contrast, Pi can be used to optimize the phase relationships between all of the tracks in your mix, regardless of whether they were recorded with different microphones or instruments.

In summary, both Pi and Auto-Align 2 have unique benefits. While Auto-Align 2 is best suited for specific recording scenarios, Pi can be used to enhance the overall phase coherence of your entire mix.

If you have any questions, let me know.