Announcing Auto-Align Post VST3-ARA2 Public Beta

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to present you with the first public beta of Auto-Align Post 1.2 VST3-ARA2 for macOS and Windows!

The beta is open to anyone with a license for Auto-Align Post and includes a beta of an upcoming update of Auto-Align Post AAX 1.2 as well.

What’s ARA?
ARA stands for Audio Random Access™ and is developed by Celemony.
ARA is an extension to the VST and Audio Unit plugin format standards, and it brings new processing, plugin interaction and DAW integration capabilities. Unlike traditional plugins that process one buffer of samples at a time, ARA allows plugins to access the entire audio file and interchange broader data with the host and other plugin instances.

To take advantage of ARA’s capabilities, Auto-Align Post required a complete redesign of the workflow and user interface. Those of you who’ve previously used the AAX AudioSuite version may need to take a minute to get accustomed to the different flow.

Auto-Align Post VST3-ARA2 is one of the first plugins ever to use ARA2. We’ve enjoyed working closely with Celemony, Steinberg and PreSonus on Auto-Align Post’s ARA2 implementation, as well as on ARA2 integration with JUCE for the benefit of the audio developers community.

We would love to hear about your experience with Auto-Align Post VST3-ARA2. Being a new technology, its implementations within the various DAWs are still being refined, so you may stumble upon some unexpected behavior. If you encounter any issues or have any improvement suggestions, please let us know.

Auto-Align Post 1.2 beta VST3-ARA2 minimum requirements:

Operating systems:

  • OS X 10.8
  • Windows 7


  • Cubase
  • Nuendo 10.2
  • REAPER 5.984 [64bit]
  • Studio One 4.5
  • Bandlab Cakewalk 2019.09

ARA1 is not supported.
Audio Unit ARA2 is currently not supported.


User Manual (draft revision)



Quick Getting-Started Videos

Steinberg Nuendo/Cubase

PreSonus Studio One



Beta working just fine here (Cubase 10.5 / OS X 10.14.5)
Thank you! <3


I’m unable to use it in Studio One When I try and use the VST3 I get a message that reads, “Auto-Align Post requires ARA2. Please remove this instance and re-open as an ARA2 Instance.”

I use ARA2 all the time with Melodyne and ReVoice Pro. Not sure what the issue is here. I’m on Mac OS 10.14.5. Please help!

Hi @iheartjoelceballos,
In order to use ARA you need to drag it as in the video above. mind that you need to hold down the Alt key.
(Similar to here:

If you need further help, just contact our support and we’ll get you up and running :slight_smile:

I purchased an auto alignment post thanks to ARA2. I like this!

It would be nice if Keyboard Shortcuts were added in Studio One.
(Like [Edit with Melodyne], [Remove Melodyne], [Edit with Revoice Pro], [Remove Revoice Pro])

Thank you :slight_smile:


how long until the beta is finished? Can’t wait to check out the final product.
This looks very promising but unfortunately being in a coporate environment does not give me the freedom or time to try out betas which may be still a little bit buggy.
So I am really looking forward to a finished product :slight_smile:

Hi @hendrix97,

Thanks for checking in! We’re very close. We’re taking our time to make sure everything is working properly on our end as well on the DAW side of ARA2 implementation. Significant improvements are coming to Nuendo and Cubase and we’re striving to correlate our releases.



Hi everyone!

I do not yet own the licence for Auto-Align Post.
Is there any chance I can try AAP VST3?

Hi @Ordinarius,

You bet. Just download and run the installer and relaunch your DAW. On startup, you’ll be prompted to activate a license or start a 14-days trial. If you’ve previously tried Auto-Align Post and need a fresh trial, just shoot us an email to support and we’ll extend your trial period.



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Thank you!

AAP sounds like magic!

It would be great to keep handles of the audio events after applying AAP.
Also, Nuendo 10.2 won’t read fades, event volume changes or any Direct Offline Processing after adding AAP.

I believe every dialogue editor would love those few things…


Any news on non beta version?)

Hi work.invibeme,

We’re still working towards the update. Currently, we don’t have a date set for the release.



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Hi Guys,

I’m using the plugin in my DAW Nuendo 10.5 with Mojave.
Everything is working fine. Until now there is only issue with it. If move the events between tracks Nuendo crashes.
Does it help to send you guys the Nuendo’s crash report ?

All the best

I also noted something else. When the plugin is applied to the regions the event gain does not change even when I change the value.


Hi toklant,

Regarding event gain when using Auto-Align Post, this is a known issue with Auto-Align Post in Nuendo. Steinberg is aware of this and it should be resolved soon.

Could you please send the crash report and a small snippet from your project to [email protected]? We’d be happy to take a close look at the issue. Please describe your workflow in detail so we could try and reproduce it here.




Any news about the ARA2-version of this great plugin?


Hi post-admin,

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Auto-Align Post! No news yet, once we’ll have an update, we’ll be sure the post to good news here.



All working fine inside Cubase Pro 11 on Big Sur. Could you use this on mixing music also? what exact applications could you use this for?

Hi jdockerty,

Thanks for sharing!

For recording and mixing, I’d recommend Auto-Align.

Auto-Align Post has both Static (which is similar Auto-Align) and Dynamic mode, more useful for dialogue and situations when the actor is moving as well as the boom mic.
In ‘Static Mode’ Auto-Align Post can be used for aligning two mics (or a mic and a DI) on a source for example.

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